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At Airport Global Consulting, we are dedicated to helping airports identify the most practical and profitable options. 

Our superior expertise in understanding airport
customers, both passengers and airlines, helps
our clients develop strategies that grow the value
of the system.

Given our extensive airline background, we approach airport work with the mindset of any airport's most
important customers - the airlines. As such, we
bring our airline network and planning expertise to
the development of detailed and practical airport
traffic forecasts.

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Site Visits

Airline companies that are planning to expand their flight destinations benefit from our site visit services. We will perform an inspection of your target destination's airport to assess the viability of doing business in that location. Click here to find a specific airport  www.airnav.com/airports

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More Than 35 Years of Aviation Experience in Airline Management, Service Provider Management as well as Flight Operations Experience

Who We Are

Airport Global Consulting is a consulting firm owned by a recognized airline consultant based in Las Vegas, Nevada, serving airports and airlines, as well as airport service providers. Our consulting team has a combined experience of over a 100 years in the aviation industry. We are a respected company with in-depth knowledge of the aviation industry. We will provide exceptional service with professionalism and integrity. 

Our owner has held senior management positions with various airlines and airline service providers throughout the United States. His insight with airport and airline operations contributed to a successful career in aviation. His network with various airports and airlines are extensive and his vast knowledge of airline and airport operations is exceptional. His professionalism and integrity are well known. He is a licensed pilot with several thousand hours and several aircraft type ratings and understands the relationship of aviation in relation to airlines and airports.

Contact us in Las Vegas, Nevada, to request an appointment with a qualified airline consultant

 FAA Licensed Pilot

1st Lieutenant and Mission Pilot

USAirForce Auxiliary

USAirForce Auxiliary Pilot of the Year 1992

International Air Transport Association Certified Auditor

Department of Homeland Security certified Ground Security Coordinator and Instructor

Exceptional Knowledge of FAA Federal Air Regulations (F.A.R.'s)

Exceptional Knowledge of International Operations

IAM Certified Union Hearing Officer

FAA Certified Complaint Resolution